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Thursday, June 01, 2006


I think I'm gonna barf.

I didn't work today, and I've been trying to distract myself all day long so I don't worry myself into a coma. So far, nothing has worked.

Puck drop will be at 7:30. I'll get there around 5:00.

Depending on the outcome, my next post will either be a long, detailed post with multiple photos or a terse one without pictures.

Wish me (us) luck.


Chris said...

I haven't been able to go early and tailgate since I had kids, really. Too much demand on time. Maybe when they're older. Lately I pretty much saunter up to my seats just before the anthem is sung.

Oskar, caniac from Sweden said...

Yeah I'm nervous too and havn't been able to concentrate all day. Will be listening through the Internet Radio. Give them all the support you can tonight. They're gonna need it. GO CANES!

And remember Vergil:


Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

I know you Oskar!

(Yes he's Swedens biggest Canes fan I just mentioned in my previous post).

What a game! Congrats.

sacamano said...

We saw you and your sign on TSN, d-lee!

Well done, sir. Well done, indeed.

Always Faitful to my Sabres (Amanda) said...

Damn those Hurricanes... and I thought you were going to be getting rid of the horrific beard. Turns out it got you on the TV.


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