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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rhetorical letter to Jack Johnson


How's college? Did those keggers work out for you? I hope you enjoyed drinking cheap beer through a plastic funnel. Drinking champagne from Lord Stanley's Cup is probably overrated anyway.

On a separate note, I hope you enjoy having your rights traded to Pittsburgh. Do you like motorcycles?

your pal,
Red and Black Hockey

ps --- Ann Arbor is a whore.


mudcrutch79 said...

Man, I don't get this. I assume that you went to college. As easy as it is to rip him on his decision right now, it's a great time. I don't blame him for wanting to enjoy it.

nuts4pucks said...

I fail to see what is wrong with a 19 year old kid who dreamed of playing college hockey at Michigan since he was a little kid choosing to live that part of his dream. We all have to be adults for a really long time - I think it takes pretty big cajones to be able to say that it's about more than money. Just how likely was it that he would come from college and step into the lineup when Babchuk, Hutchinson and Tverdovsky were healthy scratches for most of the post-season?

My prediction is that Jack Johnson is going to realize sooner rather than later that he has too big a game for college. He is just so much better than the guys he's playing against that I think he gets called for stuff that shouldn't be called. I don't believe for a minute that Red Berenson will coach that "edge" out of him - but it will probably take getting into the hands of an NHL coach for him to learn to channel it and refine it. When it begins to look as though Michigan is not going to really be in the hunt for the NCAA title, he will decide to leave college and enter the pro ranks. In spite of the fact that he has enormous skills, expect it to take some time for him to develop into an NHL blueliner. He will be an impact player for a long time in the NHL and I, for one, really want it to be OUR blueline he's making that impact on.

Bill Purdy said...

Mudcrutch, in DLee's defense (not that he can't do that himself, but I think he's at work right now and nowhere near a computer -- besides which, it's always a pain to have to explain a joke to someone who doesn't "get it," so I'll spare him that discomfort), this "Rhetorical" letter is written in the wry style of The Rhetorical Letter Writer, and explicitly refers to a common perception around here (by "here," I mean among 'Canes fans) that Johnson's motives were more a snub of the Hurricanes (like Lindros of the Nordiques, on a less dramatic scale) than an expressed desire to Stay In School.

Or, DLee could have been in an especially snarky mood today. It's his blog, after all. He can say what he wants.

Brushback said...

I've never seen that site before (The Rhetorical Letter Writer), but it's a riot. Thanks for the tip!

CasonBlog said...

My only hesitation is we might be creating another Chris Pronger. I think loyalty is important. I think he has worked JR and I wouldn't blame him for ditching the boy.

Stormbringer said...

I'm afraid that I am with Nuts4Pucks on this one. It absolutely appalls me to see so many ripping apart a kid for *gasp* actually wanting to stay in college. And as a D-man, J.J. couldn't have made a better decision. The defenseman position totally requires as much college/juniors/minor league training as possible...quite possibly more-so than goaltender.

But, as Cason pointed out, knowing how J.R. tends to have the occasional short fuse, lest we all pray that the Steeltown rumors regarding Mr. Johnson aren't true...

Chris said...

I've adopted a wait and see attitude. No use in getting bent out of shape until we know something for sure.


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