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Friday, June 23, 2006

JJ Guerrero at the awards show

On Thursday night, JJ Guerrero, of the magnificent Canucks Hockey Blog spent a bit of dough to get into the NHL Awards show. By his account, and from what I could tell by seeing the footage, it wasn't the most exciting night ever. However, he got to walk right past all the trophies (at Saturday's draft, they'll be on display, but encased in glass) and got to hobnob with some hockey stars.

He's got some photos of his night, including one with Eric Staal, who (if you believe the rumors) will soon be known in Carolina as "E. Staal"¹, and one with Cam Ward.

Here's the photo of JJ with Conn Smythe winner Cam Ward. Cam looks really hungry, or something. "Dude, hurry up and take the picture... there's roast beef over there!" According to the reports that Cason heard, Cam helped himself to a lot of food at the buffet table.

¹ Actually, if the rumored trade goes down, Eric Staal would still be nicknamed "Staalsy", while Jordan Staal would be nicknamed something gay like "Jords" or "little Staalsy". He wouldn't be called "Jordan", because of some other guy named "Jordan" who played basketball in these parts.

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