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Friday, June 30, 2006

Canes sign Viva

The Canes have made my day even better.

Although I can find no confirmation of this anywhere, my sourceThis article says that the Canes have re-signed Justin "Viva" Williams to a five-year deal at $3.5M per year. This is fantastic news. Viva had a great season, tallying 76 points (31/45) in the regular season and 18 (7/11) in the playoffs. His salary has more than tripled from this season, when he made $1.14M, and was worth twice that.

If Viva is going to take $3.5, that means Colesy will get the same, and Staalsy will probably be taking $5M.

This is starting to get a little spendy. Sure, the cap is going up next season, and it is absolutely a good idea to lock these guys down, but just about everyone deserves a big raise, and we might actually have cap issues if everyone gets what they deserve.

In my mind, something here reeks of a Oleg Tverdovsky trade. He has a huge salary that didn't quite flash out in the end.



BigDaddy906 said...

It's scrolling atop the Canes web site. Can't see that anyone else has it posted yet.

Karen said...

What about Commodore? I haven't heard anything about him yet? Isn't he an RFA?

Any rumblings down there about where Dougie Weight might end up if he doesn't stay with the 'Canes? I'd be happy to see both him and Commie here although I have a feeling a lot of Oil fans wouldn't be happy to see Weight in the copper and blue again...

d-lee said...

Commodore is indeed an RFA. He's just 26 years old. Jim Rutherford has pledged to match any offer made on any of our restricted free agents. I'm thinking that Commy gets a huge raise and a three year deal.

Doug Weight? We never seriously had any thoughts about him sticking around beyond this season. He might even hang up the skates, but I would guess that he goes back to the blue notes.

Bill Purdy said...

Commie signed today, allegedly, for $1.2 and $1.3 over two years (forgive me if I am incorrect on this one, I'm pulling it from memory -- reported at tsn.ca). Good deal for a guy originally thought to be a goon, who suddenly realized he could play hockey.

Temujin said...

That's a dang good deal for the Canes, Commodore is a quality player!

BigDaddy906 said...

Staal signed a 3 year deal too. Cole seems to want a 1 year deal and test the waters next year...according to JR. Personally, I think he is getting some bad advice from his agent. Time will tell.


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