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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More photos/video of game 7

It took me a while to sort through my photos and videos of game 7, but I've got a few more that I want to share. Unfortunately, the netting sometimes confuses the focus of the digital camera, so these are slightly blurry in addition to having the netting in them. I like each of these photos at face value, but if you click on the photo, you'll get an enlargement, which you can enlarge again after that. You can explore around the picture, and I encourage you to do so. Each of them has at least one unintentionally cool thing.

The first picture is of Kevyn Adams skating around with his daughter Emerson (who is adorable, by the way) on his shoulders. Lots of the other children were out there, but K-Ads was the only one to skate around with his kid like that. To the right side, you can see the Conn Smythe being brought out, and the handshake line finishing up. In the center of the picture, you can see Craig MacTavish and Peter Laviolette talking with Ethan Moreau.

The second picture is Of Cam Ward receiving the Conn Smythe. The woman behind him in the unfortunate pants and the black "women's" WARD sweater is, I assume, his fiancée. They're getting married on July 22, and I assume that will be his day with the Cup. On the right side of the picture, there's about a million people on the ice wearing replica WESLEY sweaters. I don't know what their relation to him is. On the far end of the ice, there's a great poster being held up in the front row. "Iowa ♥ the Canes". Also, there's two people about 11 rows up in section 127-8 wearing Tre Kronor sweaters.

The third picture is of Aaron Ward with the Cup. To the right side of the picture, just above all the "NHL on NBC" guys is AWard's wife, Kelly in the white pants/black top. She's holding their son and taking a picture. I think that kid's name is Liam. On the far end of the ice, Ray "Fuckin' rights!" Whitney is having a private moment with some Commodore robe-clad individual. I guess that's his wife, but it's impossible to tell. Meanwhile, CrAdams can't wait to get his hands on the hardware. Cory Stillman has a chat with some of the restricted access press members on the other side of the rope.

The fourth picture is of Erik Cole with the Cup. It's the full-screen version of the photo in the header. I can't spot his wife Emily anywhere, but she could be the woman barely visible over Anton Babchuk's left shoulder. Poor Anton Babchuk. Babs and Hutch won't get their names on the Cup, but they got to lift it, and party with the guys. Anyway, Colesy seems to be looking right at that woman, and she looks kinda like his wife, so we'll say that's her. Just above the bowl of the Cup and behind where Matt Cullen is standing, Justin Williams is draped all over who I presume is his finacée.

As for the video. Be warned that the purpose is not to show off a "good" video. I'm using a digital still camera for one thing. The point is to show the excitement in the building. The first video shows Justin Williams empty netter late in period three. The first second of the video shows the goal, the red light, the goal horn. After that, mayhem. At that point, I was more interested in celebrating than in documenting.

The second is the period of time between the empty netter and the little skirmish that took place with :20 to play. Again, it's a real good feel for the crowd rather than good footage of the game.


Bill Purdy said...

Ha! I can see me in the second picture, all the way on the other side of the building, and I'm...

...text messaging someone, I guess. What a dork.

Bill Purdy said...

Wait... I can see my wife, Beth, next to me taking a picture. So maybe when I finally upload those shots we'll have a weird meta-picture relationship with a shot of you taking that first shot.

Whoa. Deep.


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