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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


On Monday night, the Canes pulled off the win in convincing fashion. They won the game 3-1. Even though the final goal was into an empty net, the Canes were in the driver's seat for the duration of the game. Please enjoy this video I took from my seat in the lower level of the RBC Center as the final 11 seconds ticked off the clock and the celebration got started.

More photos/videos to come, as well as a proper post. For now, I'll quote Ray Whitney, and I'll apologize for the use of profanity here.


Hats off to Edmonton for playing a fantastic series and a tremendous playoffs. I know the Oil fans have a lot of hate for some of the Canes players, but we have nothing but respect for them.


Temujin said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

Bill Purdy said...

Apology accepted. Now I wait patiently for the post with the pictures I took of you cutting that horrendous beard off your face and transforming before my very eyes into Henry Rollins -- but not Henry Rollins of Black Flag, but the kinder gentler less necky Henry Rollins of The Chase.

In all seriousness, that was a hell of a ride we took this year. My ears are still ringing.

PittsburghCanesFan said...

Thanks for sharing that video!

Gives me goose bumps just watching it...

Andy Grabia said...

We have nothing but respect for them.

You're supposed to have a healthy hate for our players. Don't make me doubt your fanaticism, David.

Pacer Dawn said...

This will hopefully get more people involved in the Hurricanes next year. However, if they want to sell out every game, they need to lower the prices, not of tickets, but pretty much everything else (I still can't get over paying $10 for 2 hotdogs and a large soda...). I only went to one game this year because of that (down from season tickets in 2003, and then mini packages in 2004). Professional sports is just too expensive to go to very many games.

Also, if they want to get more people in the seats, for the love of God show some emotion to the crowd! This is extremely evident when the players first come out. They don't look charged up, they simply hit the ice, skate in a few circles, and then play, usually with their heads down the entire time ("crowd? there are fans here?").

Look at sports like football for example. Players run around acknowledging the crowd all the time in that sport, and just what happens to be the #1 sport in the US right now? Crowds love to be recognized because that lets them know their loyalty is worth it. Hockey just doesn't do that as far as I can see. Watching TV a few games ago, Cam Ward came out on the ice to acknowledge being the #1 star. He meekly looked up at the crowd, gave a couple of half hearted waves, and then retreated.

That doesn't net you many new fans.

Last night was the first time I have seen the players actually interact with the crowd, when they held the cup up and yelled up at the seats. That was *GREAT*.

When a team comes out on the ice, they should be waving their sticks, maybe slap the glass a few times on their first time around. When they score a goal, point up at the crowd -- "That was for you baby!". I love it when players slam against the glass when they score a goal and yell back at the fans. We don't see that often enough.

Anyways, damn the Canes for winning last night and not Saturday. My head is pounding here at work...

GoGo WhalerCanes! Hockeytown, RFD!

Desdemona said...

Hockey players don't interact with the fans like they used to (after the game), but don't expect a friggin' fanfare before the games during the Stanley Cup playoffs. These guys want to stay focused and get the job done. When they do, they might allow themselves to relax a little and do stuff like pointing up in the crowd or slamming their body against the glass.

This isn't football, there isn't a stoppage in play every 2 minutes or less. Those guys on the bench can't be waving to whoever, whenever - they have to be ready to change on the fly, or listening to the coach, or trying to loosen up by telling a joke, or regrouping from their last shift. They don't get a huddle prior to their next play to do that.

I'd like it if they acknowledged the fans AFTER the game like they used to, but personally, I like it when my team is sombre and serious prior to a game. It shows me that they're ready and focused.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Go shave ye ...


Enjoy it!

kubiak said...

Man... awesome! Thanks a ton for posting this! I was outside at the lawn (tent) party so I got to feel like a small part of everything, but it's so cool getting to see it from that perspective.

Go Canes! (I've gotten 4 hours of sleep combined over the last two nights!)


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