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Friday, June 09, 2006

Another msm gaffe

All season long, bloggers all over have enjoyed pointing out gaffes by the mainstream media's NHL coverage. Usually, the errors have been in the scoresheet. Sometimes they credited a player with an assist who doesn't even play for said team. Sometimes, they gave goals to players who are only in junior hockey. Sometimes, a game summary will feature several misspellings of the same player's name.

I just found one concerning the Canes on espn.com. Shawn Horcoff has been complaining about Rod Brind'Amour, saying that he cheats in the faceoff circle and that he gets "special treatment" from the linesmen.

Whatever makes you happy.

Anyway, the article features a headshot of Horcoff and the caption "Brind'Amour".



Andy Grabia said...

Um, he was cheating. The Oilers actually sent in tape to the league. As well, SportsNet ran a segment on it, and it was pretty obvious that he was cheating. He doesn't come in to the circle square like he is supposed to, he puts his stick down and then picks it up again, and he didn't even put his stick down on the ice for one faceoff (the one in Game 1 where he got the shot right off the draw). The Oilers had to complain to the refs in Game One, because the linesman always give him the benefit of the doubt. They refs overruled the linesmen and threw him out a couple of times.

You'll notice his numbers went down by 32% once the playing field was evened.

DrFrankLives said...


Chris said...

He has an off-game (50%) every once in a while. It'll be back up in Game 3.

Pacer Dawn said...

And the Oil lost the opener 5-1, which I didn't realize until I read that article. Thank goodness, otherwise I would have thought it was a close game. Or that ESPN wasn't a reputable news source.

Yes, I agree with the first poster, he was cheating, because the officials love the Hurricanes. It's an NHL linesmen conspiracy against every single team the Hurricanes have beaten. Every game I have been to at the RBC center the officials have favored the Hurricanes. They never call touch penalties against them, every single one has been painfully overt and never questionable.

It's a shame there is an NHL officials conspiracy against all teams other than the Hurricanes, you know?


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