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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Canes contracts for 2006-07

As expected, the Hurricanes drafted some d-men in rounds two and three of the draft and some forwards in the late rounds. Chances are, we won't see any of these guys for a few years, if ever.

In the coming weeks, Carolina will have a good deal of work to do signing their own free agents, and maybe picking up a few as well. Here's a breakdown of the players by position, with their status and my outlook on their future with the team. Any comments in red suggest I think the player won't be with Carolina next season. Any comments in blue suggest I think they won't be around long. Click on the chart to enlarge it and make it readable.

I strongly suspect that Carolina will shop Martin Gerber, hoping to get a decent backup goalie and perhaps a defenseman out of it. They'll also try to unload Tevvy.

Their needs are in the right wing department, the defenseman department and the backup goaltender department.

Re-signing the RFAs isn't as pressing a need, but getting Viva and Commy in long term contracts will be key.


Stormbringer said...

I strongly suspect that Carolina will shop Martin Gerber, hoping to get a decent backup goalie and perhaps a defenseman out of it. They'll also try to unload Tevvy.

As I said over at the Penalty Killer's blog, it would not surprise me the least bit to see Gerbs go, especially with his current/future price tag. When you *really* think about it, he was practically just a better version of Kevin Weekes...

ain't nothin STAAL'n us now.. StanleyCup'06 said...

if Chad LaRose gets traded, i'll probably cry. haha

Bill Purdy said...

Your analysis is excellent, as usual. But I can't help but feel a bit of "how the hell did these characters win The Cup?" when I read through the roster.

The 'Canes are short on big name talent and long on teamwork, which is why guys like Tverdovsky, doug Weight, and Mark Recchi seem so easily expendable. I think we'll be surprised to see both Weight and Gerber offered contracts. Gerbs got us here, after all (Wardo wasn't Marty Brodeur most of the regular season, remember), and Doug Weight has to be thinking maybe it'd be nice to settle down with an organization that takes care of its boys, in a city that offers everything St. Louis offers and more, for a guaranteed salary that may be better than he had before, but for a longer period of time. Gerbs is gone only if we can acquire a backup just as good (and I don't think anyone's out there who fits the bill for the price we'd be willing to pay).

To me, Tevvy's done (duh), Vasicek (damn, hate to see him go, but OK), Cullen (ditto, is there anything I can do to keep him here?), Recchi, and Hutch. LaRose will be here a while longer, as will Kaberle. Wesley's off to Sunnydale Acres, and Hedican's here two more years. Cole will get a big, (well-deserved) long term contract.

I just typed my prediction for the 2006-07 season, then erased it. Enough prognostication for one ill-informed post, don't'cha think?

Karen said...

Give us Commodore and someone else, I'll give ya Pronger and all the problems that come with him. Sounds fair to me!

Chris said...

Well, the only way Carolina will shop Gerber is if someone wants a few days of exclusive negotiating before he becomes a UFA on July 1st.

After a few days of reading reports and getting a feel for what the front office was saying, I think Cullen and Kaberle will be signed with a home town discount. Expect to hear Staal has signed long term today or tomorrow.

d-lee said...

Karen, you're clearly either (a) high or (2) drunk. Obviously you're not stupid, so we'll rule that out. So which is it?

No way in the world you're getting Commy, and there's no way in the world JR is going to shell out the dough for Prongs. He's good. He's very good. His salary is too much, though. And although he seems like a nice enough guy, he and his prima donna wife seem like a lot of trouble.

I see Prongs going to Toronto, which would make them scary as hell.

Stormbringer said...

"I see Prongs going to Toronto, which would make them scary as hell."

Thee and me. As a matter of fact, I get the feeling that trade is all but totally etched in stone. The word I keep hearing being that Edmonton wants Steen for Pronger, but T.O. keeps offering Stajan instead.

How can people not like hockey? If you look and listen hard enough, it makes for a much better soap opera than the "real" thing.


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