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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Penguins use 2nd pick, no trade.

So that didn't happen.

At least not yet.

Pittsburgh selected Jordan Staal with the second pick, which temporarily hushes all the talk of a Jack Johnson to Pittsburgh for J. Staal trade.

Obviously this day is far from over, and there still could be some trading in the works, but for now it looks like the rumors won't come to pass.


Robert Ullman said...

I thought it was gonna happen for a second there, when they announced that Tanguay to Calgary trade.

But I think it's super! We gots our own l'il Stallsie in Pgh!

Stormbringer said...

Personally, I'm glad we did not trade Jack Johnson. Another Staal would have been cool to have, but I'm glad we have so far kept JJ. Just hope that JR lets him developed and doesn't do something impulsive in the process.

I too am also glad to see a Staal go to Steeltown...the Pens being my second fave team because of a certain someone having won Cups with them AND they now being the closest NHL team to where I live. :D


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