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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oilers win in OT, head home down 3-2

On Wednesday night, the Oilers staved off elimination in most dramatic fashion. Fernando Pisani scored a shorthanded goal (his second goal of the night) just 3:31 into the extra session. The win prevented the Canes from winning the Cup on their home ice, gives the Oil some life, and most importantly, gives the Oil some momentum.

Pisani, who also scored just 16 seconds into the first, took advantage of a horrible turnover by Eric Staal only 31 seconds into a Canes power play deep in Carolina's zone. He broke in alone on Cam Ward and did not miss. I suppose this was some sort of cosmic payback for the Jason Smith error in game one of this series.

Initially, Chris Pronger was given credit for the first goal, but I suppose they changed it because they detected a redirection of Pronger's left point shot. I haven't reviewed the game, and this post is late enough as it is, so.... Pronger and Torres with the assists.

Eric Staal tied the game with his eighth goal of the playoffs at 5:54 while on the power play. Doug Weight and Bret Hedican got the assists.

Later, Ray Whitney would give the Canes a 2-1 lead, and lots of excitement. His goal, at 10:16 was another power play. He got a piece of an Eric Staal shot, tipping it past Markkanen. Staal with the primary assist (his 18th), and Mark Recchi with the second (his eighth).

However, this lead would be shortlived. The thing I was fearful would happen did. The Oil finally cashed in on a power play chance, and there was nothing the Canes could have done. Ales Hemsky slapped a one-timer from the left circle in at 13:25 of the first. Tanrnstrom and Staios with the assists.

With the first period winding down, and the teams on a four-on-four, I ran to the bathroom to avoid the intermission crowd. While I was gone. Michael Peca put the visitors ahead. Time of the goal was 19:42. Assists from Alex Hemsky and Chris Pronger.

At 9:56 of the second, Carolina tied it on another power play goal. Staalsy had a few whacks at a loose puck down low after a wrap-around. He finally beat Jussi, and again the emotions were running high. It was Staal's ninth goal. Added to his 18 assists, he has 27 points, tops in the league. On the goal, Ray Whitney and Cory Stillman assisted. Now Stillman's point streak is at 13 games.

No scoring for the remainder of the second, or during the third.

I had a feeling that once the first penalty of the overtime was called, that would be the game. I was partially right on that. The power play started off looking really lethargic, even lazy. They weren't able to get a play going, then the really lazy pass from Stillman to Staal. Pisani spotted the laziness, stole the puck from Staal, and beat Ward. Instantly, all the air in the building was sucked out.

Although Carolina converted three of seven power play chances, and they killed six of seven chances for the Oilers, it was a special teams gaffe that cost them that game.

I'm hoping that the loss will be a slap in the face to the Canes. It should wake them up and tell them that they can't just coast the rest of the way. This isn't quite like heading into the Champs-Élysée with a four minute lead. This is quite different.

Game 6 will be in Edmonton on Saturday night, and I'm sure the building will be more electric than it ever has been. Carolina will have to play a nearly perfect game, or they will find themselves in a very scary winner take all game. The only upside of that is that a potential game 7 would be in Raleigh.

Where I had an arrogant confidence before game 5, I now have a little bit of worry. I know that this is nowhere near over.


Anonymous said...

Great hockey that was and the better one is yet to come. Oilers fan I am but like everyone else a bigger fan of a great hockey game. Learn to play the game if you can and you'll discover a true sport.

Desdemona said...

I disagree with you about this game giving the Oilers momentum. Perhaps, if they were playing tomorrow night (Friday) instead of Saturday, that would work, but the two day rest gives the Canes to work on and learn from the mistakes that they made. It gives them time to adjust to the long travel that they're not as used to as the Oil is. It gives the Oilers a little too much time, as I'm sure they're gunning to get back in the rink right away. By winning last night, Edmonton gained confidence, but not momentum. (IMHO)

"Pisani...I suppose this was some sort of cosmic payback for the Jason Smith error in game one of this series."

Didn't you say that the Smyth goal in game 3 was karma payback for this error?

d-lee said...

If I said that, I don't recall. Sounds like something I might have said though. I would have been more correct even at the time to say that the Smyth goal was karmic payback for the quick whistle on the Moreau incident. But then again, the Moreau incident was karmic payback for the Wallin incident, and the Wallin incident was karmic payback for something else. Etc. etc. etc.

Either way, though, I would like to submit the Pisani shortie as a better example of karmic payback.

You have a point there about the long break.

BTW, Smytty owes us a dollar ;)

kubiak said...

Doors Open at 7 - parking lots open at 5.
Prince of Wales Trophy will be on display—bring your own camera for pictures with trophy.
Free Raffle tickets will be given away for attendees to win Canes autographed items.
Silent auction items will be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.
Stormy and the BCBSNC Storm Squad will be in attendance all night.
Intermission activities including human bowling and T-shirt tosses."

Anyone else going to this? The last two were a blast. (Monday's game was better though. Duh.) Around 10,000 fans at an away game, they got the wave going, and a big party in the parking lot after. I highly recommend it.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Canadian or American?

No such thing as momentum anymore.

Game six will likely be as tight as the rest of them (except G2), decided by a bounce, a break, a mistake.

If the Oil win then see above for G7.

I'd like to say the Oilers have momentum but the Canes had it after G2, the Oil after G3, the Canes after G4 so ...

Getting pregame jitters already.

Chris said...

I still haven't read any of the post-game articles for G5 or pre-game for G6 yet. I'm thinking that I'll avoid it altogether - I'll turn on the TV at 8:20 for opening faceoff. I may consider turning down the sound. I don't know - I'm not really in the mood to listen to Emrick or Davidson. Maybe I'll pump up the radio and listen to Chuck and John.

Ron said...

Gotta go with the radio and Chuck. Even with the maddening time difference (radio and directtv) it beats listening to Pierre and the rest. I keep waiting for them to make up their minds who they are pulling for but seems like it changes with each goal.

kubiak said...

Just another reminder that they're showing this for free at the RBC Center. It's a great atmosphere to watch a game in, where else can you see the game with around 10,000 people? It's been a blast at every game so far.

Anonymous said...

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