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Friday, June 02, 2006

holy sweet mother of pearl!!!!

On Thursday night, the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4-2, allowing them to win the best-of-seven series four games to three. For the second time in the last four seasons, the Canes have won the Prince of Wales trophy and will advance to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Edmonton Oilers. Puck drop will be at 8:00 on Monday.

Sadly, my tickets might not arrive until about 5:00 that night. Fortunately, there will be a backup plan instituted by the team if the tickets are not delivered on time.

I am having a hard time containing myself. I know I promised a gloriously detailed post about the thrilling game seven. I'm afraid that for the time being, I will have to take a pass on that. I hope you'll forgive me. At some point on Friday, a full post will come. For now....

Mike Commodore gave the Canes an early lead at 12:05 of the first, assisted by Dougie Weight and Viva.

Things went silent for a while, but Doug Janik gave the Sabres life by scoring a 4-on-4 goal at 15:50 of the second. Jochen Hecht gave the Crossed Swords the lead at 19:57 of the second on a bit of a fluky goal. At the time, it looked like it might have been the series clinching goal, but it turned out to be something else.

At 1:34 of the third, Dougie Weight knotted it up, giving the Canes new life. Ray Whitney and Nic "Secret Weapon" Wallin assisted.

At 11:30, the Captain put the Canes up for good with a power play goal. Viva and Cory Stillman got the helpers on what proved to be the series winner.

Before the Sabres could pull Ryan Miller for the extra attacker, Viva gave the Canes an insurance goal at 19:08. Brindy got the only assist.

After the conclusion of the game came the customary handshake line, then a very brief ceremony in which the Prince of Wales trophy was awarded. Thankfully, this time (unlike 2002), the Canes refrained from touching the trophy. In a very nice gesture, Erik Cole was sitting on the bench and was one of the first guys to don the "Eastern Conference Champion" hat.

And to sweeten the pot, according to reliable sources, I, my beard, and my sign proclaiming that "MY BEARD BELIEVES" were shown on both TSN and OLN.

I apologize for the lack of statistical depth and hard analysis. I promise that'll come later.


Oskar the swedish Caniac said...


And what a game it was! Since the games are played in the middle of the night swedish time (puck drop 1:30 a.m.), I've just slept for nearly two ours before going to work. I usually lay in bed while listening but I just couldn't in the third period. It was one of the most exciting games ever: THAT is hockey!

Now I'm desperately looking for someone that could pick up a Conference Champions T-shirt and, after recieving pre-payment of course, would be kind enough to ship it to Sweden. This since the shipping rates through nhl.com are extremely high... And I suspect there will be alot of other champion-related items to shop soon! Anyone, please???

Chris said...

Outstanding game. It was nice to meet you there too.

Pat Angello said...

Awesome, simply awesome! Hope you and Purdy enjoyed yourselves! I was the lone Canes fan at a bar in Denver and had to listen to the obnoxious Sabres fans the whole game. They were a little quiet in the third period, aside from their groaning.

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

I just capped a few images of your glorious moment last night. Feel fre to use them anyway you wish.

David Lee for MvPee!


Miss # 12 said...
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Tom L said...


congratz. It's with leaden fingers that I type this and with no enthusiasm at all.

Good Luck, but I have to root for the Oilers next week.

Great job as always.


d-lee said...

Thanks, everyone for your support, and for visiting my page. Thanks to everyone who noticed and recognized me on teevee. Thanks to everyone who mentioned noticing me on teevee. This warms my heart.

As always, I will gladly accept any donoations. I will also gladly entertain any job offers or dates with single women aged 26-38.

CasonBlog said...

Even if I could get you a job out here, Tucson's too small for two Hurricane bloggers. The female companionship thing we can probably take care of down in Nogales;)

Zanstorm said...

D-Lee, when I saw you on tv, I thought to myself "why the fuck did this guy use such light paint or marker for the word 'GO' on his sign?" I couldn't see that word. Whatever though, it was a helluva sign regardless! Good stuff!

d-lee said...

Yeah, Zan. My little experiment with the silver Sharpie didn't go so well.
Apparently, you could in fact see the word ... just not as well as I intended. =)

Frankly, though, I'm lucky that I put my pants on the right way that day. I was so freakin nervous and tense.

For game one of the SCF, I'll be making a better-looking version of that same sign.

I won't delete your comment, but please try to refrain from the swear words in here. In real life, I have a potty mouth. In here, however, I try to keep it clean. Sure, one slips out now and again, but I make a conscious effort to refrain from the foul language in here.

Bill Purdy said...

"In real life, I have a potty mouth."

That's an understatement.


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