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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Beard removal

If I get to do this thing 900 times in my life, I'll never be able to do it as brilliantly as did Sacamano, over at BofA. His beard-removal post and the accompanying photos will soon be the stuff of legends. Both for its elaborateness and its high level of comedy. If you didn't read his post when he de-bearded in early June, do so now. EDIT---Also, check out the great beard removal by Chris!, over at Covered in Oil, who removed his whiskers on Tuesday afternoon.

I didn't take nearly as many photos of the process, nor did I do it in any elaborate fashion whatsoever. I was in a hurry to get than damn thing off my face so women would stop telling me that they hate my beard. Now they can revert to telling me that they hate me. If, for some bizarre reason, you need to see enlargements of these photos, just click on them.

With the help of a $20 set of clippers (which worked magnificently, by the way), I was able to reduce the beard to mere stubble. Good enough for the drive home. With the help of my friends Bill and Beth, I got photographic evidence. In the first picture, I'm going after the stuff on the neck, and I've already gotten most of one side of my face. I didn't really have a plan (or a mirror) at that point. I thought about trying to match Sacamano's beard removal, going for different styles and designs along the way, but really I just wanted it off.

As you can see from the second picture, I decided to go for the ole' half-n-half. I think this will be a facial hair sensation that will take over the world. You saw it here first. Without a mirror, I had no idea how I was doing with the evenness of it, but I'm pretty pleased with how that stage of it came along.

Then, I came up with a style that's absolutely retarded. I wish, in retrospect, I had some shots of all this in profile, or some video clips of this, but I didn't plan it out very well, and like I say, I was on a freakin' mission. In the third photo, you can see that I've removed all of it except for the half-stache. Again, I have a hunch that this will be a fashion trend. Sure, laugh all you want. I have more stupid ideas where that one came from.

Finally, the end result. A (mostly) clean shaven face that I haven't seen or felt in 63 days. I'm very excited to no longer look like some terrorist or freak cult leader. Or Jake Plummer. The woman beside me in the picture is Bill's wife Beth. .

I'd like to thank my beard (RIP) for all the fun times we had together. I will always remember it.


Bill Purdy said...

I love the look of sheer bliss on your face in the second pic, as if those clippers vibrate in special ways not indicated on the package. I could credit my photographic skills for capturing that subtlety, but for whatever reason I was incapable of getting more than one angle of you shaving. On the other hand, I could claim I was dumbstruck by your bullheaded determinedness to get that ugly thing off your face, and by how much better you look without that monstrosity.

Let's say this about your beard-creature: the abundant mojo it provided was worth it, baby!


The Acid Queen said...

Does this mean I have to post pictures of my husband ditching his playoff beard now?

Amanda said...

If any woman says they hate you, they'll get a fist in their face. Beotch!


Stormbringer said...

Before I go through with the following statement, let me make it *very clear* that I mean it as a compliment, seriously:

In the very last picture, you look like a young Sean Hill.

Perhaps I'm the only one who sees it...but again, I mean it as a compliment. :)


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