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Thursday, June 08, 2006

flag waving 101 (remedial level course)

Odd Joe, over at oddsnark.com is having a difficult time understanding the waving of an American flag at last night's 5-0 Canes victory. There's no way to post a comment over there, and no obvious way to send them e-mail, so I have to do it this way.

He says
Speaking of fans, did anyone else spot the ‘Canes supporter waving the American flag at RBC Center last night? I don’t mean to get all high and mighty here, but maybe a reality check is in order.... There are, in fact, just eight Americans on the Hurricanes roster and the only one who can claim any kind of Southern heritage is Matt Cullen, because he’s from Virginia, Minnesota. (And just for anyone who doesn’t know, RBC — as in RBC Center — is short for Royal Bank of Canada.) In reality, this Stanley Cup finals, like most, pits Canadian against Canadian, so maybe y’all should tone down the flag-waving patriotic fan fervor.

His attempt at geographical humor (Virginia, Minnesota being a southern city) falls short. There's some issues with the state of Virginia that have a little to do with that, but really it falls short for the same reason that an attempt to call Paris, Texas a European city would fall short. It's lame.

If the reference is to the fan who sits in the first row near the penalty benches, you don't have much of a frame of reference on that if all you saw was a teevee shot of it. If you were in the arena, then you weren't paying attention. Actually, if you've been watching hockey for more than 12 minutes, you should have understood what was going on.

The American flag was waved after Doug Weight (Detroit, Michigan) scored Carolina's fourth goal. It was a tribute to Dougie that's done for every goal-scoring player. That fan carries a flag for every player's nation, and waves the appropriate flag when a goal is scored. It isn't that uncommon.

I'm surprised you didn't tell us to get a "reality check" when the Czech flag was waved for Frantisek Kaberle's goal.

I still don't get why everyone thinks it's hysterical that our arena had its naming rights purchased by a Canadian bank. The arena in Edmonton is named after a pharmaceutical company based in Boston. Vancouver plays in GM Palace, also an American company. What exactly is your point?

Maybe you should tone down your snarkiness, Joe. But then again, that's the whole point, isn't it?


The Acid Queen said...

He's not interested in teh tr00f, Dave. Just let him go.

Desdemona said...

That fan carries a flag for every player's nation, and waves the appropriate flag when a goal is scored.

Cool! I was wondering why I saw a Canadian flag being waved so often during the Buffalo series. Is this the same guy who wears a neon bright yellow or orange shirt, kind of in between the penalty box and the blue line?

As for JoeSnark, I don't know who he is, but he's obviously dim-witted for questioning flag waving. His remarks are almost as stupid as the people who claim that Edmonton should win so that the "cup can go home to Canada."

I'd like Edmonton to win, but it has nothing to do with bringing the cup "home". Besides, if Edmonton does win, Stanley will be going to the Czech Republic, Russia, America, Sweden and Finland. Does it matter to Edmonton fans that 7 of their Canadian players are from Ontario and only 3 from Alberta?

I'm proud that the roots of the Stanley Cup started in Canada, and I can get territorial about the game sometimes, but since the NHL started welcoming players from so many different countries, Stanley's "home" is no longer Canada, it's wherever the Champions live.

tim meyer said...

umm yeah, and buffalo's arena is owned by a firm outta hong kong!

Drew said...

*tongue firmly in cheek*

The Blue Jackets play in an arena that's owned by a Columbus based company. Geesh, what's wrong with all these other hockey teams. Since we keep it local, we should win the Cup!

Good luck tomorrow night, everybody. dlee, I keep looking for you on TV after seeing the sign last week.

TigerCheeks said...

But the owners of Rexall the company live in Edmonton - In fact he is building a massive house (Daryl Katz).


Rob said...

You're thinking of the wrong Rexall, which is not "a pharmaceutical company based in Boston."

American one you're thinking of: http://www.rexallsundown.com/

Canada's Rexall, i.e. Katz Group,, is based in Edmonton: http://www.pharmassist.ca/display.asp?main_menu_id=3&sub_menu_id=1

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "cup going home", wouldn't that be to Sheffield, England?

I'm surprised that D-Lee forgot that other example of a US NHL arena named after a Canadian bank: TC BankNorth Garden in Boston. The "TD" stands for Toronto Dominion Bank, who entered the US by buying BankNorth. EXACTLY the same scenario as the RBC Center/Royal Bank of Canda/Centura.

Jameso said...

And that explains why I think I saw an upside-down Canadian flag at Game 1. I guess the guy just ended up in a hurry or something.
Glad I didn't leap to any conclusions based on that...


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