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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

you know what it takes to sell real estate? it takes brass orbs of power.

On Monday, The Globe and Mail ran a little piece about Chris "Orbs of Power" Pronger and the well known fact that he's a former Whaler.

The author of the article, David Shoalts, is generally regarded as a toolbox around here, but it's actually a halfway decent article. Shoalts, who is a Leafs beat writer went all Mitch Albom on us back in January. He was witness to an RBC Center security person who didn't instantly recognize Bret Hedican's father-in-law during the morning skate, which is not open to the public. While most people have a hard time keeping their own in-laws straight, somehow Shoalts thinks that it was this man's task to instantly recognize the IN-LAWS of 20 complete strangers. The arena security is employed by the arena, not the team. Their job is to know tha arena, not the private lives of other people who work there. Anyway, Shoalts chose to take a pot shot at Carolina in general, calling the conversation that ensued between the guard and Mr Yamaguchi "REASON No. 437 THAT CAROLINA IS NOT A HOCKEY MARKET." Puh-leeese. Do you really think the hot dog vendors at MLG could pick out Darcy Tucker's in-laws from a crowd? Obviously, the guy is still bitter about 2002.

Moving on, though. Shoalts' little article focused on a line Pronger delivered when he was asked about his time with the Whale. Said Pronger:
"The biggest thing I remember is the Brass Bonanza. I can't get it out of my head."

Indeed, the song (RealAudio player required) is catchy, haunting, bordering on annoying. But it truly is fantastic. I wasn't a Whaler fan, and I can't lay claim to any sentimental value of the song, but I think it's a really neat part of my team's heritage. Even if it does have the feel of a 1970's game show, I love it. The Canes have truthfully done very little in the way of recognizing their Hartford roots. That's thanks in part to the fact that the city of Hartford to all logo trademarks. They won't give anyone permission to use them. This is why you can't buy a "vintage-style" Whalers sweater from NHL.com or any of those. Anyway, the only thing the Canes have done is to play Brass Bonanza over the PA once in a blue moon.

Gale Force Media (the jumbotron/PA people) missed a golden chance to mess Pronger up the other night. While the game was on pause before Orbs' penalty shot, they could have totally gotten in his head by playing a snippet of Brass Bonanza. Would it have made him miss the shot? Probably not. Would it have made any difference? Probably not, in all honesty. But it would have been funny.

For everything related to Brass Bonanza, visit the website devoted to the song. I've said it before, and I'll say again, there's good stuff going on over there.

Andy Grabia, over at Sports Matters, has the dilemma of his two favorite teams facing each other in the Final. Ultimately, he's more tied to the Oil than he is to the Whale. Thusly, he has actually changed his Final pick, and has changed his horse in midstream. However, he admitted that he can't stop humming Brass Bonanza in the shower.

I'm really hoping we get to hear it again inside the arena at some point in these playoffs.


The Acid Queen said...

One of these days, I'll have to tell all y'all the My Bitch story.

It's about as silly as the Orbs Of Power story. ;)

Stormbringer said...

Admittedly, I used to make fun of Brass Bonanza when I first became a Canes fan in 2002. And a lot of that has to do with the fact that the first few times you hear the song, you're like "That was/is a hockey anthem?!". BUT, it *really* grows on you, especially when you learn about AND further appreciate the Whalers era of the Canes.

Having Brass Bonanza being played before or after Pronger's penalty shot would have been rich... :D

Desdemona said...

Do you really think the hot dog vendors at MLG could pick out Darcy Tucker's in-laws from a crowd?

I don't know if this comment was deliberately ignorant, but every hockey fan in Toronto knows who Tucker's in-laws are as they are Shayne Corson & family. They also don't play at the MLG (Maple Leaf Gardens) anymore, they have a new, wonderfully named (/sarcasm) corporate building, the ACC (Air Canada Centre).

Andy Grabia said...

Hey Dave, what is the deal with the Chewbacca yell after every goal? I'm curious. Does it have something to do with the beards?

We got our asses handed to us tonight. Uggh.

Jameso said...

Yeah, your point stands though, if you pick about any other player than Darcy Tucker. Bad luck?

Desdemona said...

Good point, punctuated by a really bad example. Some might even question whether you really know hockey at all after making such an obvious blunder.


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