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Monday, June 19, 2006


By my count, the last time I shaved was April 17th. The day before the final regular season game. This is two months and two days ago. 63 days. Josef Vasicek wears #63. I have worn his sweater all season long. The 63s are in harmony.

Does this mean anything? I don't know. I'm just saying.

May the best team win.

Win or lost, the beard goes as soon as I can exit the RBC Center. I will be documenting the process for your pleasure.

Win or lose, don't expect a post from me until Tuesday morning.


The Acid Queen said...

Hail Joe, Lord of Evil!

Andy Grabia said...

Good night, and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton Fan says:

All is fair in love and war. I would've had nothing nice to post here over that past couple of weeks, but since tonights the night and it could be anyone's game, and both teams need to be respected how far they've come....well, no: I can't quite bring myself to wish you luck :-), but have a good game.

Remember, there's always golf. :-)

Oskar caniac from sweden said...


STANLEY CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!


gsdgsd13 said...

Congratulations to all of you. Man, that looks great. Hope you guys provide some inspiration to the other Southeastern teams... :\

Desdemona said...


Temujin said...

I'd say Brind'amour should've won the Conn Smythe. Other than that, good job Canes!


Swabbubba said...

Congrats, The right guy got the Conn Smythe without Cam u guys were done. He showed more leadership after Game 6 than the vets. Anyway next year...

Andy Grabia said...

Congrats, Dave. Please make sure to let me know if and when they let Franchise near the Cup. Kind of sad to think he only needed to play for another year, isn't it?

CasonBlog said...

Woooo Hooo! What a great victory for the boys. They overcame momentum and a lot of bad mojo. The band of brothers returned for game seven. You may now shave the beard


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