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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sabres wear the mark of the beast

On Friday, Kevin over at BFLOBLOG was lamenting the fact that the blogosphere has been relatively quiet concerning the Buffalo/Carolina series. Here's his quote:

I think we have reached the point of pre-series saturation. Even the Canes bloggers are posting infrequently:

Red and Black Hockey hasn't posted much of anything on the series.

CasonBlog has been strangely silent on the matchup as well.

The only post from The Acid Queen on the series is not the most pleasant, since she called us asshats:

I don't know how to explain the silence, or lack of taunting.

Kevin had already done some good-natured ribbing of the Canes, the News and Observer's "hockey primer" stuff, and Mean Gene.

Kevin's blog features one of those nifty category sorters, and an index of those categories. While I was visiting a little while ago, I happened to notice that Mr BFLO has written 666 posts in the "Buffalo" category. It says right there on his very own blog. "Buffalo: (666)". The sign of the devil. I made a screen shot for your viewing pleasure. By the time you read this, he will have made it 667, which has no comedic value at all.

Kevin runs a good blog, even if his allegiance is misguided. Head on over there, and take a couple grains of salt with you. You'll need them.

Here's to a good series.

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