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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Colesy getting close... maybe.

According to this story at TSN, Erik Cole did some skating today. He said that he felt good, and will continue to do some solo skating for the next two days. At that point, he'll determine if he's ready to practice with the team. This is certainly good news.

If all goes well, and he is able to join the team for practices early next week, there might be a chance that he would return to the lineup in the SCF.

I don't think we should get too excited about this because there's a lot of ifs involved. If he feels good after the solo skates. If he feels ready to go to full practice. If practice goes well. If the Canes advance. Still, though, it's impossible not to be filled with enthusiasm about this.

As it has always been, our primary wishes are for Erik to be healthy. Hockey comes secondary. I've said before that I'd almost prefer to leave him out even if he is ready. In the interest of not risking re-injury. However, I think I've changed my stance on that. If he gets up to speed and is ready, we need to let him play. The physical wound has healed, and while the emotional wound has healed for most of us, getting back on the ice would go a long way to healing Erik's emotional wounds.

I know one thing for sure. If the Canes end up winning the Cup, Colesy will be the first dude to skate with it. Even if we have to pull him out of the stands, he'll be the first.

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Stormbringer said...

I would prefer for Colesey to stay out of playing in the remainder of the playoffs, even if he gets well enough to do so.

My biggest concern with him playing is that the opposing team players will be loaded for bear in their hits on him, knowing that he just recovered from a HUGE injury. Don't wanna even tempt 'em OR put Erik at risk in that regard...


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