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Saturday, May 13, 2006

damn social niceties

I've got this problem....

A college buddy of mine is getting married today at 3:00. The Canes are playing the Devils in what could be the series clinching game today at .... 3:00.

I will bend a little in this instance, but I only go so far. I'll go to the wedding, and hope that there's a tv somewhere at the reception. I'll also be DVRing the game, but it just isn't the same.

What about the beard, though? At left, you can see how my playoff beard has progressed. After about 2.2 nanoseconds of deliberation, I opted not to shave for the occasion. I have to be true to the playoff beard. Usually when I go to weddings, I try to look my best. I shave at least once on the day of the wedding. I want to look nice out of respect for the occasion, but also for the ladies. The only reason single men go to weddings is so they can meet single women. Yeah, sure, there's also that thing about our friends having the most important day of their life, but really its about meeting women. I realize that while my whiskers might attract some women to me, it might be off-putting to others. I'm willing to take the chance so I can be true to the beard.

As you can see, I'm a little beyond the "oh, fun! a beard!" stage. I don't quite look like a derelict yet (ie Jake Plummer, pictured at right, during the Denver Broncos playoff run last NFL season), but it is looking a little rough. Luckily, it's well beyond the stage where it just looks like I'm lazy. Also, I'll have lots of opportunities to explain the beard. Spread the gospel. Although this could go on for another month, I doubt very much that I'll ever get to the Jake Plummer stage.

Anyway, Canes and Devils drop at 3:00.

Sabres and Sens drop at 7:00. I should be able to watch that one in its entirety.

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