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Saturday, May 13, 2006

another addition to the roll

This one really should have been added a very long time ago, but I've been reading Covered in Oil so much lately. If you don't already read it daily, you should. These guys are good. And more often than not good for a laugh.

Over there, Chris has been chronicling his own playoff beard progress. Mike has been providing excellent photos of the mayhem on Whyte Avenue.

Also check out Sports Matters for another Oil-centric take on the playoffs. Over there, Andy Grabia recently shaved his beard off because it made him more presentable for his work from home job. Now he claims that his "anti-beard" is responsible for the Oilers two straight wins.

As a side note concerning Sports Matters, Grabia picked the (Whalers) Hurricanes to win the Cup. Nice job.


Andy Grabia said...

Sigh. I had to meet my boss outside of my home. But tell it any way you want. My beard mojo is going to carry the Oilers.

Brushback said...

Yes-- big thumbs up for Covered In Oil. A very witty read.

Check out Covered In Oil's Mike W.'s art blog, too-- it's pretty good!

greatwhitebear said...

Hey Dave

Congrats on great series. Once again, I backed the wrong horse. Since I had been picking the Devils to win the whole thing.

So far, the only series I have a chance to be correct on is the San Jose/Oilers series. I picked the Oilers in 7. It was my upset special. Now it would be an upset if there wasn't an upset. Actually, I expected the Avs to lose, but not get swept.

Chris said...

I was going to do the beard thing, but I quickly changed it after the first two games against Montreal. I now shave every game day and, of course, we've been 8-1 since then.


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