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Thursday, May 25, 2006

More media love for red and black hockey.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a writer for the Christian Science Monitor, who was doing a piece about the rookie goaltenders in the NHL playoffs.

I know. I know. You're probably in the know about the fact that CSM isn't actually a religious publication. You probably know that it's a well-respected international daily newspaper with in-house writing rather than wire feeds. But you're probably thinking the same thing about them that most people think about the Wall Street Journal. They write about sports?!?!? Yes. They do. Once you know all that, you probably wonder why the CSM doesn't change their moniker since there are so many misconceptions about them. They've been in business for 98 years, and their founder insisted that the name stays.

Anyway, you can read the article here.

No hotlink, but at least I got a plug.

1 comment:

CasonBlog said...

Excellent take and great pub. CSM gets out front on a lot of stories.


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