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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

playoff jokes

The good folks over at Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed have done a nice series of jokes targeting each NHL playoff team. Every day, a different team took it's turn being the whipping boy.

Today was our turn. But we got gypped. No joke. No good-natured hazing. When it came to be our turn, Jeff and Alanah suddenly got lazy. No joke.

We are very disappointed. We deserve to be made fun of too.

Game 6 tonight in Montréal. Puck drop at 7:00. Unfortunately, I have to work, but I should be able to watch bits and pieces.

I'll also temporarily turn off the "don't text message me" rule. If you wanna txt me with updates, fire away.


Alanah said...

You've shamed us, David. Mean-spirited jokes heading your way soon! :-)

Alanah said...

Okay David. I've made an effort and now believe I have produced something which will be sufficiently insulting to all.;-)

Sorry for the delay! And good luck to your team tonight.


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