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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ducks, anyone?

I'm trying to organize some special "final four" section of the page here, with links to all the wonderful bloggers covering the remaining four teams.

Obviously, I'm keen to the Hurricanes bloggers. I know about a few quality blogs by Sabres fans, and I'm starting to acquaint myself with the pages written by Oilers fans. (By the way, I find their lot to be the funniest). I just did a tiny bit of research into the Ducks blogosphere, and I came up empty. Oh sure, I found a few blogs dedicated to the Ducks, but the five or so that I found were abandoned before the playoffs even began. Every one of them.

So... If you know of any Ducks blogs, please bring them to my attention.

Also, I'm working on a piece about the Raleigh vs Buffalo music scene. Check back later today for that. The original goal was to write something about the music scene in (or bands that came out of) each of the playoff team cities. While I found it easier in the East, I started running into trouble in the West. I did a LOT of on-line research and I couldn't really dig up any bands that I know anything about for cities like Calgary and Edmonton. I was also finding it too difficult to narrow the field for New York and Anaheim (LA).

Anyway, look for the Raleigh/Buffalo music breakdown in a few hours.


Anonymous said...

Nickelback is from Hanna, Alberta which is near Edmonton and Calgary.

girlysportsrant said...

There's a Battle of California blog


Earl Sleek said...

No Doubt / Gwen Stefani hails from around Anaheim, I believe. Don't really know this as a fact, but it seems like it could be true.

And yes, I am posting to the BoC blog on behalf of the Ducks.

Rick said...

Dave Mustaine of MegaDeth is from two towns away from Anaheim, also in the OC.


d-lee said...

Thanks for the input guys. Yeah. I actually knew that Gwen Stefani was from Anaheim. I know more than I should about her, mostly because she and I have the same birthday. This is a distinction that I undubiously share with Ashlee Simpson, Kevin "Backstreet Boy" Richardson. Others of slightly cooler fame with the same (October 3) birthday are Tommy Lee, Jack Wagner. Freddy Couples, Lindsey Buckingham, and Chubby Checkers.

Jeff Buckley was born in Anaheim, but it would be entirely unfair to say that he was "from" Anaheim.

Speaking of Lindsey Buckingham, there's some indication that Fleetwood Mac was from the San Jose area.

My biggest trouble, though, was finding the Albertan bands.

Chris said...

Nickleback is the most well known Alberta band around.

Bill Purdy said...

Nickelback blows. Including them would be like including Clay Aiken on your Raleigh bands list. Please, David, resist the temptation.

sacamano said...

Nickleback is the most well known Alberta band around.

Well, I think that probably depends on your musical tastes and generation.

How about KD Lang, Jann Arden.

I've heard that Geddy Lee's parents live in E-town now, too.


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