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Monday, May 08, 2006

Canes v Devils. Game 2 tonight

Tonight at 7:30, the Canes will face a very different Devils team than the one they shellacked 6-0 on Saturday afternoon.

I know that the Devils will make some adjustments. I know Martin Brodeur will be sharper. I know the Canes won't get as many good bounces as they did on Saturday.

I still expect Cam Ward to be great. I still expect the blueliners to play well. They've gotten better with each playoff game. I still expect the forward lines to be aggressive and the special teams to play with purpose.

The Devils are way too good, though, to allow anything close to a repeat of Saturday. Even if the Canes take this game tonight, there is no reason to expect a series sweep. I have confidence that the Canes will win the series, but it will take at least 6 games.

The atmosphere won't be as festive in the parking lot today. Saturday's weather was beautiful. It was 75 degrees and sunny. Tonight, the gametime weather will be 55 degrees and gray. I'm still drinking beer in the parking lot, but it won't be as ideal.

Puck drop is 7:30, and national tv coverage will be from OLN.

1 comment:

Robert Ullman said...

Wow, wowee wow wow, what a game tonight. There is no way you could watch the last minute and overtime of this time and not become a hockey fan. What a great game.

Love the blog, Dave...just discovered it on a tip from Helmsie. Keep up the good work!


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