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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

non-hockey reason #1 the Canes will win -- DOUGHNUTS

In what may or may not be a continuing series, I'd like to offer up one non-hockey reason that the Canes will defeat the Sabres for the Prince of Wales trophy.

Doughnuts. Note that I did not say, as Buffaloans say, "donuts". That's a lazy and otherwise unacceptable bastardization of "doughnut".

Although I don't partake of the tasty goodness as much as I used to, I've eaten many of both, and my honest (maybe a little biased) opinion is that Krispy Kreme (North Carolina based) is a vasty superior product to Tim Horton's (Buffalo mainstay).

The coffee is evenly matched, and Tim Horton's has a lot more to offer than just doughnuts, so they would get a slight edge in the "other" category. However, in the "doughnut" category, it's no contest. Krispy Kreme in a landslide.


ninja said...

Well, that settles it then. I've been trying to figure out which team has the edge, coming up even every time. Thanks for the tie-breaking factor!

Brushback said...

The Krispy Kreme nearest to me went out of business. Meanwhile, we recently got a Tim Horton's.

Hope that isn't a bad omen, or anything.

sacamano said...

I'm not worried

Stormbringer said...

So, Tim Horton's is American-based? Learn something new every day...I thought, for some reason, its headquarters were in Toronto.

Amanda - SABRES fan said...

Tim Horton's is Canadian - BEOTCH! Plus... Buffalonians like Tim Hortons for the coffee, not the DOUGHNUTS (as you say) and Krispy Kreme's coffee tastes like poopy-shit.

Amanda -> Sabres Fan said...

Also note that it's BuffalONIANS not Buffaloans - BEOTCH! Not that you're a stickler about spelling/pronounciations or anything.

d-lee said...

please note that I never said that TH was based in Buffalo. I only said that it was a Buffalo mainstay.

I didn't mean to suggest otherwise, and I'm sorry for the confusion.

The Acid Queen said...

Wow, great to see the Sabres fans showing their class.


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