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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Maggie picks Carolina

If you've been following this page, you know that I've been keeping a watchful eye on how my predictions have gone compared to the "preditions" made by Maggie the Monkey.

For the conference finals, all three "experts" from tsn.ca have picked Buffalo and Anaheim to advance. Maggie and I have both picked Carolina and Edmonton to advance. This means that after this round, I will still be one point behind her no matter what happens.

My friends, it looks like in a best case scenario, I will finish in a tie with Maggie. I will neither be dumber than, nor smarter than a monkey.

However, if Carolina advances, and she correctly picks the Canes to win the Cup, I'll be okay with being dumber than a monkey. Winning the Cup would make that ignominy worth it.


The Acid Queen said...

Winning the Cxp would make a lot of things worth it.

sacamano said...

To be fair, that damn monkey beat out everybody the last few seasons. She is probably the planet's most prescient primate prognosticator


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