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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wesley signs

Glen Wesley just signed for one year at $1M. I would imagine that the soon-to-be-37-year-old will call it quits after this season. I'm further imagining that his very specific directions for this season will be to play role model to the young guys, and to especially to take fellow red-headed d-man Mike Commodore under his wing. Beyond this season, it would be nice to see Wesley step behind the bench as an assistant to Lavy. He's earned a lot of respect within this organization and also from the fans. Provided he has any interest in doing it, it would be a classy move.
Let me state again... We had a really cruddy team in 2003-04, but Wesley managed to amass a +18 rating. That's pretty incredible.

Now all that's left is the Czech Condor. All indicators are that we'll get to work on him tomorrow, and hopefully nail down the multi-year deal.

According to Eklund, Philly is still looking to dump a player. Now they want to sign Peter Bondra and dump Michal Handzus. Although not the best in the world, a lot of teams would really like to have Handzus anchor their third or fourth line. The Phlyers have a glut of centers, so it makes sense for them to get rid of one, and to bring in Bondra wouldn't exactly be a step up, numbers-wise, but it would give them a guy who can play either wing position. We'll see....

I can see it now... Handzus to Atlanta.
Actually, folks keep talking about how Carolina and Philly have historically made good trading partners, and how nice it would be to have Handzus here, but I won't promote that theory.
I'm seriously thinking about driving to Raleigh to watch workouts.... I've got thoughts about that, but I'll post them later.

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