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Monday, August 08, 2005

Osgood back to Wings

The Detroit Red Wings have signed goalkeeper Chris Osgood to a one-year contract.

Osgood was originally drafted by the Wings in the 1991 entry draft, and spent 8 seasons in Detroit, winning the Cup twice. He's played solidly for the Islanders and the Blues since then, but did not play at all during the lockout.

I'm guessing that the Wings have no intention of re-signing UFA CuJo, and will use Osgood as the every day goalie and Manny Legace (who is already under contract) as a respectable backup.

What will become of CuJo? Hello, Tampa Bay Lightning! As a Canes fan, I certainly hope not, but they've just lost Khabibulin, so they need a #1 netminder.

Very interesting.


Davis said...

I think Tampa likes John Grahm as their #1 goalie. He played really well in their Cup year when Khabi was out. If they do wind up with CuJo, it'll probably be as a backup. I think the Pens might be looking at him in the same sort of light...

greatwhitebear said...

Look for Pens to sign Cujo. He was waiting to see if the Leafs were gonna be able to pull off the Belfour/Belak for Zetterberg trade. Obviously, the Wings are out of the goalie market.

Mario thinks he has put together a possile contender, and isn't likely to trust that to a kid like Fleury.

With Datsyuk all but written off as staying in Russia, look for Wings to make big push this week to keep Zberg and Kronwall here.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

I can see Osgood/Legace as a Fernandez/Roloson platoon combo type of system. I think Legace deserves the #1 job over Osgood, but I doubt the Wings will just give it to him. It wouldn't be surprising to see both goalies get in to about 35 games and then they go with the hot one in the playoffs.

greatwhitebear said...

I agree with Jes. Both guys are small goalies who have had tenancy to wear down. If both are playing really well, don't be surprised to see them platton in playoff either!

Thats assuming the Wings manage to sign Zberg, Kronwell and a free agent wing. Otherwise, kiss the playoffs g'bye!


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