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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This is officially crazy

Mike Modano has had second thoughts about refusing Dallas' offer.
According to the Stars' website, they have come to terms on a five year deal, the details of which are not available for $17.25M. He will get $4.25M for the first three years and $2.25M for the last two. The contract also features a no-trade clause, virtually ensuring that the 35-year old will retire in Dallas. He will have played every game of his career for the Stars franchise after being selected first overall by the Minnesota NorthStars in the 1988 entry draft. Those of us in Carolina know too well that the "no trade" clause isn't worth the ink it's written with. Ron Francis had a "no-trade" clause in his contract, but opted out of that. I don't see Modano doing that, though.

Disregard the disregarding of my previous comments on the Modano matter.

For now, anyway.

In other news, the Flyers have signed Peter Forsberg to a two-year, $10.7M deal. This puts the Flyers way over the $39M salary cap, and are going to be forced to unload some players. Jeremy Roenick is rumored to be headed to back to Phoenix. Or the Kings. J-Ro flourished in his four year stint (from 1997-98 to 2000-01) with the Coyotes, and would be a welcome addition to their squad. Although he's lost about three steps, he's still a great player. However, with the "new changes", his mouth could get him in a lot more trouble than in years past. They say that moving Roenick won't be enough and that the Flyers have Simon Gagne on the block as well. If this proves to be true, I'd like to see the Hurricanes make a run at him. He'd be cheap (less than $2M) and could bring another young-ish goal scorer to the table.

In a room-making move, the Islanders are having to ship Michael Peca to the Oilers in exchange for Mike York and a conditional pick. I immediately thought that the Oilers made another spectacular trade, but I'm not so sure. Peca is way overrated. For the money they'll have to spend, it was probably a bad deal.

Call me naive, but I kinda like the position the Canes are in right now. We've only made the one transaction. Meanwhile, the Islanders, Flyers, Rangers are finding themselves in tight spots. Several other teams are spending a lot and coming really close to the spending max. We may be in good shape to make some trades with these teams looking for cap room, and also to "pick up the scraps" without fear of approaching the top limit.


d-lee said...

Clarification on the J-Ro rumor. Allegedly, the powers that be are trying to orchestrate a three way trade that would involve Philly, Phoenix and the Kings. If this rumor has any truth to it, JR would end up in Phoenix, the Kings would get something from Phoenix, and the Flyers would get something from the Kings.

Word has it that a radio station in Buffalo is reporting that the Flyers are ready to trade Gagne to the Canes. I'd like that a lot, as long as we don't give up Kevyn Adams or Josef Vasicek. I have no idea what we would offer. I guess we'll know sometime Thursday whether this has any validity or not. The Hamrlik thing hasn't panned out yet, so you just don't know.

Davis Helms said...

I really don't think the Flyers want to trade anyone to a team in the east. You can see from the Markov trade to Nashville and this Roenick stuff to LA. I'd love to get Gagne, but, well, I'll believe it when I see it...

I think JR's actually playing it pretty smart right now. A lot of the guys being signed are way over priced for this new NHL. Aucoin is not worth 4 million a year. He just isn't... All these teams over spending will cause more trades like the Markov deal, and the 'Canes will be in a good position to take on the saleries of some of these traded players...

greatwhitebear said...

Are you surprised at the Blackhawks? Bill Wirtz, who usually throws pennies around like they're $100 bills, has actually made weveral really good free agent signings, and is apparently the odds on favorite to land Khabibulin (at 7 mil per for at leaast 4 years). The Blackhawks are shaping up to be a gritty defensive team with just enough offense to win some games. I think the laPointe signing is a great one because it gives them some needed speed, grit and toughness.

d-lee said...

but I don't think LaPointe is worth $7.2M over three years. Sorry, but his numbers just don't add up. He's a perinnial 15-goal scorer who will add maybe 20 assists. That's worth about $1.1M per season if you ask me.

greatwhitebear said...

You pay La Pointe as much for his speed and defensive skills as you do for his offense. And I think a lot of teams are spending too much on free agents, which is why certain teams like the Wings, Bolts, and Canes are holding back a bit. When the dust settles, ther are going to be some very good players available at bargain prices because too many teams have reached their cap too soon.

Still, the fact that old tight britches in Chicago is spending money is truly shocking. Especailly since he is dong something he has NEVER been accused of doing... overspending.


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