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Monday, August 22, 2005

If it quacks like a duck...

Teemu Selanne has signed a one year deal with .... the Ducks???
This one kind of came out of the clear blue. Everyone was sort of expecting him to go to Les Habitants to be with his buddy Saku Koivu. Eklund even used his new-fangled "rumor veracity" scale to place that one at three Es out of five. This means that someone "very close to the matter" said he would be in Montreal. Other rumors had him landing in St. Louis, Atlanta or Florida. I never heard anyone talk about his return to Anaheim. The nine-time All-star and one-time (1998-99) Rocket Richard winner played six seasons in Anaheim between 1995-96 and 2000-01. During that time, he scored 225 goals and tallied 257 assists for a total of 482 points in 394 games. He was then traded to San Jose for backup goaltender Steve Shields and left wing Jeff Friesen.

In other news, the Coyotes re-signed defenseman Paul Mara to a one year deal worth $1.14M. Mara was scheduled to be one of only 7 players going to arbitration, and one of the five who took their team there. Now I will update my arbitration list.

According to Eklund, one of the remaining six, goaltender Roberto Luongo, (who was summoned to arbitration by the Panthers) will be traded to Les Habitants for Jose Theodore. I didn't realize until looking at his bio that Theodore is only 28 years old. Crap. Although I would certainly look forward to being rid of Roberto Luongo in the Southeast Division, I'm not exactly crazy about the idea of going up against the Beav eight times, either.

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greatwhitebear said...

Dude..ya gotta quit reading the fraud Ecklund. Not only is he not the real Pelle, but just some guy in the Hockey News mailroom... HE IS NEVER RIGHT. You and I could make up rumors and have a better chance of being right than he is!

When the Clevland Indians traded Rocky Colovito to the Tigers for Harvey Keunne, Colovito's reaction was "Keunne and who?" You sure as hell would have to ask the same question if you're Luongo.."Theodore and who?" There is no way that Theodore is equal value to Luongo.


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