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Friday, August 05, 2005

Inactivity by the Caps

Does somebody want to tell me what the heck is going on with the Washington Capitals?

To my knowledge, they have four guys under contract. Netminder Olaf Kolzig, left wing Alexander Semin, right wing Boyd Gordon and right wing Jonas Johansson.

Well, we all know about Olie the goalie. The other three guys are not exactly household names. Not even in the DC area. That's because Semin and Gordon each have less than a year of NHL experience and Johansson has none. In fact, he's not NHL-ready. His bio indicates that he's not even ready for the AHL. So forget about him.

Pretend they have three guys under contract.

Assume they'll sign 2004 top pick Alexander Ovechkin . They're back up to four.

They made their first off-season move yesterday, surrendering 2006 draft picks for former Flame Chris Clark. They're up to five.

They tendered qualifying offers to 14 players. Under the best case scenario, all of them re-sign and they've got 19 players. That's not gonna cut it. I guess they plan on filling their roster with players from their AHL affiliate.

If things do not go well for them and someone like, say, Jeff Halpern accepts an offer from another team, they're in really big trouble.

If I were a Caps fan, I'd be very, very concerned right about now.

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greatwhitebear said...

If you read my current post on the NHL free agent market, I think you'll find their strategy may turn out to be brilliant. Far too many teams have spent far too much money on big name free agents, leaving themselves with very little money to fill out their rosters. There are going to be a lot of quality free agents available at bargain basement prices is a week or so.


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