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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh Captain, my captain!

The Hurricanes finally announced what most of us already had in mind. Rod Brind'Amour will be our Captain. We've been without one since the tragic "Ron Francis trade II", on March 9, 2004.
Glen Wesley will serve as one of the alternates, which came as no surprise, and Kevyn Adams will also serve as an alternate. Most people figured that Adams would also get this honor.

Here's the curveball: We've got a third alternate. I didn't know you could have three alternates, but I'm pleased that they'll let Cory Stillman also wear the "A".

More later. For now ... work.

According to NHL Rule 14, teams are permitted to have no more than two alternate captains designated for each game. I'm sure Glen Wesley will wear his A every night, while Adams and Stillman alternate. Maybe one will be designated as the "home" alternate captain, while the other will be the "road" alternate. If Brind'Amour, for some reason, is not in uniform, then it is okay for us to have three alternates.

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