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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

more signings

Some of these are big, big news

The Oilers have acquired Chris Pronger from the Blues for three mediocre defensemen. The Oilers gotPronger in return for Eric Brewer , Doug Lynch and Jeff "I am only a prospect" Woywitka. If I wasn't sure that the Blues were on crack before, I'm sure of it now. They got hosed in this deal. Actually, I think they got bent over.

Boston scored again by signing Brian Leetch to a one year deal.

Les Habitants were active today, re-inking Alexei Kovalev to a four-year, $18M contract. Other offers were refused. They also picked up free agent defenseman Mathieu Dandenault. (sorry, Great White Bear), formerly of the Red Wings. His contract is for four years totalling $7M.

The Flames re-signed defensemanJordan Leopold to a 2-year $2.3M contract.

The Blue Jackets struck again, inking defensemanBryan Berard to a two year $4.5M deal.

and here's another BIG one... just arriving on my desk

The Islanders have won the Miro Satan sweepstakes, signing him to a three year deal. The terms of that deal are not available yet.


greatwhitebear said...

I really like the moves the Flames have made, ditto the Flyers.

Wings D looking better with resigning of Schneider, still pissed about loosing Dandenault. Wings D may be alright if Bykov really decides to return from Russia. Nick Kronwall appears to e the real deal, expect him to log a lot of ice time as a rookie.

greatwhitebear said...

In case you missed it, Forsberg signs with Flyers. Rumor has JR headed to the Kings in effort to get Flyers back under cap.


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