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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The little guy re-signs with the Bolts

Martin St. Louis has signed a 6-year, $31.5M deal with the Bolts

Tampa's payroll now rises to $35,649,379 for 19 players according to TSN's payroll tracker, with $5.25M being the "undisclosed" amount for the little guy. With at least two players left to sign, they should approach, but not have problems with the cap of $39M.

More later. For now... work.

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Scott said...

Talk about ambiguous headlines, I came across this story yesterday under the heading "St. Louis reaches deal with Lightning." My first reaction was why were the Lightning moving to St. Louis, and what happened to the Blues?! Obviously my player knowledge is lagging behind these days.

The NHL video game developers must be going nuts right now trying to update the team rosters before this year's release.

It's interesting though. I almost think the NHL should re-draft all players every year now just to add a little excitement. It would be a good gimmick, at least for a couple of years.


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