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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Forget Phoenix

The deal is done. Apparently. J-Ro is off to LA. I really don't understand the way this trade works, though.

To LA: Jeremy Roenick and a third round pick in the 2006 entry draft

To Philly: Future considerations

It's this "future considerations" thing that I have never understood.
Hopefully there are more details that will emerge later.

Incidentally, this news is not yet on the Kings website, so it might not be official. After yesterday's Mike Modano merry go round, you never know...


d-lee said...

ahhh, as Mr Helms points out below, that third round pick is the one Phily got when they traded Daniil Markov to Nashville. So in the long run, they gave Markov away with no return on that, and they're giving J-Ro away for who knows what.
This means that they also gave Justin Williams away for free. We got Williams from Philly in exchange for Markov, who they ended up throwing away.
Sounds pretty good to me.

greatwhitebear said...

Is it just me, or is Bobby Clarke WAY over rated as a GM?

Davis Helms said...

Canes sign Tverdovsky

d-lee said...

I don't see confirmation of this anywhere, but it would be a nice addition.
Still though we need some offense.

Davis Helms said...

Its on TSN and in the N&O

d-lee said...

yeah, davis, thanks for the tip
when you initially said that, I couldn't find it on tsn.ca

Scott said...

I thought the Roenick trade was made to free up cap room for Forsberg. So basically at a macrolevel they exchanged Williams and Roenick for Forsberg.

Hey, how 'bout more Caps news? ;) (Just kidding)

d-lee said...

yeah, Scott. That's exactly why JR had to go.

Incidentally, I am actually worried about the Caps. They haven't done ANYTHING in this free agency period. They only have(i think) four guys signed to contracts. They've just qualified 14 players. Assume the best case scenario that they all re-sign. Also assume that Ovechkin signs. That's still only 19 players. They need to sign a few more or they'll find themselves fielding an AHL-quality team.

Ooooh. I sit corrected. They picked up Calgary's Chris Clark, who totalled 25 points in 2003-04. I'm sure Caps fans are way more restless than Carolina fans are.


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