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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Woeful Kings to "move on without" idiot Sean Avery.

It's official now. Sean Avery is a loser.

After all of his highly publicized rants during the lockout and pre-season, after his highly publicized dirty hits during the season, after being fined for diving, then fined again for bitching about it, after having an argument with a broadcaster, after being generally regarded as a creep, even the Kings have tired of him.

On Wednesday, Mr I Bang Elisha Cuthbert refused to participate in a drill during practice. He was sent off the ice and told that he would not be joining the team for the remainder of the season. The Kings have said that Avery isn't suspended, and they haven't released him, but they're "moving on without him". He will not play for the remainder of the season. If the Kings miraculously qualify for the playoffs, he will not join them then, either.

This has been a nightmare of a season for the Kings. Their two biggest free agent acquisitions -- Valeri Bure and Jeremy Roenick -- haven't panned out. JR has played in only 55 games and has scored a paltry 19 points (9/10). It has been far and away, JR's worst season. Valeri Bure hasn't played a single minute because of a bad back.
"Lucky" Luc Robitaille has had a bad season, as well. In 62 games, he has only produced 24 points (15/9), which is horrible considering he once tallied 125 points in an NHL season.

Robitaille has announced his retirement, JR has refused to, and there's been no word on the groom of Candace Cameron.

The Kings held first place in the Pacific Division for most of the first half of the season, but slowly started to unravel and have gone into a tailspin as the season wraps up. My estimation is that the wheels fell off on January 14, when the Kings were shelled 10-1 by the Sabres. Since then, the Kings haven't played with any urgency, and as a perfect example, they've only scored a grand total of seven goals in their last seven games. That doesn't look like a team trying to make the playoffs. On March 22, coach Andy Murray was fired.

Anyway... back to the point.

Sean Avery lead the league in almost every penalty category. His staggering 257 PIM are most in the league. Brendan Witt is next with 187. His 71 minors are most in the league, with Jarkku Ruutu following with 61. He only had 9 major penalties, which put him at 20th in the league. His 4 misconducts, though, were most, as were his 3 game misconduct penalties. These stats alone would make him a target for fan hatred, but his attitude and his mouth make it even worse.

Avery will become an unrestricted free agent after this season. My guess is that Atlanta will pick him up. That's just a guess.

1 comment:

gsdgsd13 said...

"My guess is that Atlanta will pick him up. That's just a guess."

Man, I hope not. I've been able to suck up a lot over the years and cheer for some not-nice people, but Sean Avery? Eccch.


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