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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Quinn canned

On Thursday, the Maple Leafs fired head coach Pat Quinn. For the first time in seven years, the Leafs failed to qualify for postseason play, and that's enough to lose your job.

He has had a great coaching career, leading the Flyers, Kings, Canucks and Leafs for a total of 19 seasons. Only one other time has Quinn failed to lead a team into the postseason. That was the dreadful '85-'86 Kings, who went 23-49-8. Despite a successful career, Quinn never coached a team to a Stanley Cup win.

Quinn had one year left on his contract, so the Leafs will have to buy that out. I wouldn't be surprised to see him back in LA, as the Kings have just fired their coach.

There will be no promotion from within on the Leafs. Quinn's longtime assistant and Hurricanes family member Rick Ley was also sacked. Ley spent two seasons coaching the Whalers, going 69-71-10 during the '89-'90 and '90-'91 seasons.

There is some speculation that there will be a promotion from deep within the ranks. One prognosticator is suggesting that the Leafs will call Paul "One Eye" Maurice up from the Toronto Marlies of the AHL. Maurice, of course, was the loooooooooong time coach for the Whaler/Canes, leading the Canes to the Cup final in 2002. My first reaction was NO WAY, but it actually might pan out.

For now, the leafs will be hitting the links. Andrew Peters of the Sabres is still willing to give them some pointers on their swing. By now, we've all seen that priceless clip. Just in case, here it is.

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