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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mark Recchi, your 411 operator

Everybody knows about the Justin Williams/Saku Koivu incident in game three of the Habs/Canes series. One of the many side stories there is that Mark Recchi has been a great guy through it all. He visited Koivu in the hospital. He gave Koivu's cellphone number to Williams, which allowed Williams to send his apologies and best wishes.

According to this article about Erik Cole's injury, Mark Recchi was involved in a potential cellphone number exchange there. Recchi was still with the Penguins when Cole got hurt after being boarded by Brooks Orpik. Many Canes fans have ostracized Orpik for making no attempt to contact Colesy, and for his initial comments, which ranged from "he helped himself into the boards" to "you hit guys to hurt guys". As the linked article states, Orpik did actually try to contact Cole. Nearly a month after the incident, Orpik asked Recchi for Cole's cellphone number, but Cole forbade it. I haven't agreed with Cole 100% on his remarks on the incident, and I don't really know how I feel about this one:
"I told Mark to tell him not to bother. I wasn't interested in his call," Cole said. "At that point, I felt a call was more for his benefit than for mine, of him trying to clear his conscience."

I sort of understand where Cole is coming from. A month after the fact is a little too late to express concern, and it certainly isn't going to do Cole any good. However, I think it's a bit bullheaded to reject Orpik's ill-timed efforts at reconciliation.
Where I have been completely in dissent with Cole is when he repeatedly says "I definitely look forward to next year, when we get to play Pittsburgh.", which is a thinly veiled 'eye for an eye' (sorry for the unfortunate pun) threat. I have said, and I will continue to say that I hope there will never be an on-ice retaliation for the Cole injury, or the Koivu injury, or any injury. I have always had this outlook, and it hasn't wavered when one of my favorite players is involved. I was happy that the Avalanche never gooned it up against the Nucks after the Bertuzzi/Moore thing, and I hope that Cole doesn't do anything stupid if and when he takes the ice against the Penguins next season.

So,anyway, the initial point is that it seems like if you need to get in touch with an NHL player, Mark Recchi is your man. He's got all the digits.

Somewhere, there's probably a good nickname in there.
"Di-Recch-tory Assistance"? There's gotta be something better.

What say you?


mntineer said...

I don't blame Cole for turning down Orpik's phone call. According to the article you're quoting, Cole said that any reconciliation from Orpik was more for his conscience than for any concern for Cole's well-being.

But Recchi has done the 'Canes a great PR turn by helping J Williams make a timely connection with Koivu. It's all in the timing.

Anonymous said...

Orpik is and should be toast. And if he wooses out and develops a lower body injury before the game next year, then I sure wouldn't want to be Cindy Crosby.


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