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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Koivu out indefinitely

The news came early Thursday that Habs captain Saku Koivu will be out indefinitely with an eye injury suffered Wednesday night. He required a few stitches, and there was concern that the actual eye was damaged. Doctors cannot determine the severity of the injury until the swelling in that left eye subsides. Koivu cannot be replaced, just as Erik Cole cannot be replaced, but they will do their best to fill his void. In the meantime, Red and Black Hockey will extend their best wishes for a healthy recovery for Koivu.

Bob Gainey did not ask the league to suspend Justin Williams.

Clearly, a foul occurred. Clearly there should have been a penalty. Denis LaRue, who I have called out at least once this season, was there in perfect position, and missed the call. He should be benched for the remainder of the playoffs.

Both Mark Recchi and Justin Williams have phoned Koivu to leave messages, but neither was able to speak with him. The Recchin ball played in Montréal for four seasons where he and Koivu became good friends.

On Friday, I expect the fans, but not the Habs players, to lash out at Williams. Over on the Habs board, there isn't very much anti-Williams talk, but a lot of anti-ref talk. Mostly though, they are, as they should be, concerned for Koivu's well-being. If the damage is severe enough it could threaten his career. We certainly hope it isn't anything like that.

If there's a positive side to this, it is that Koivu is in good spirits. He has been quoted as saying that he's more concerned with the fact that the Habs lost game three than he is with the injury.

Details of the injury probably won't develop for another 36 hours or so.

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Sam said...

thanks for the update on Koivu. missed most of the day's media attention on it. although, the ones i did catch did focus an awful lot on the missed call on Williams. i still say the refs didn't see it, you can't call it afterwards. and Williams did nothing intentionally wrong on the play. let bygones be bygones.

and as a Habs and hockey fan, it warmed my heart to learn that Williams tried to contact Koivu. and Recchi too? nice.

there won't be any retaliation at the game tonight. everyone understands that this was a freak accident.


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