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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A lesson in history

Before anybody (including myself) starts to talk about how it's over for the Canes, they need to take a look at last night's game, to think about how Carolina adapted mid-game. They also need to look not very far back in the history books.

The last point first. Back in 2002, eventual Stanley Cup champion Detroit was in the same position that Carolina in in right now. In the first round, they had lost games 1 and 2 to Vancouver at home and headed into enemy territory with a tough task. They regrouped, faced their challenge, and won four straight to win the series. Of course they also went on to win the Cup.

I think Carolina is capable of doing the same thing. Especially if they continue to play the way they did in periods two through five last night. I don't know what happened in the room between periods one and two, but they sure came out looking differently. The change in goaltender had something to do with it. Sure. But everything looked different.

Wednesday should be a good one.


ain't nothin STAAL'n us now.. StanleyCup'06 said...

canes got this the series isnt over yet!!! we're getting better and better and hopefully the change in goaltending will get some new energy in there! The canes arn't ready for this to be over and neither are we!!! we have alot of energy going into Wendsday's game and the habs better watch out and not be to sure of themselves we've been capable of crazy comebacks all year and last nights team looked like the team that set a francise record before the olympic break and eriks injury!!

LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Angello said...

Agreed - they are way too talented to let this keep them from advancing to the next round. All they need is to get that first one in Montreal and they will feel much more comfortable.


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