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Saturday, April 22, 2006

first games outstanding

Wow. Just wow!

I sat in front of OLN for most of the night and saw two terrific games. This is exactly what we love about hockey. Hopefully some casual fans will get hooked, and if the first day is any indicator, the rest of the playoffs should be sensational.

First the double overtime game between Detroit and the way overmatched Oilers. The Wings are clearly the more talented team, but Edmonton brought their A+ game tonight, and they didn't leave anything behind. I actually thought they might skate away with a regulation win, but Kirk Maltby's very lucky bounce late in the third gave the Wings new life. In the first overtime, the Wings were completely dominating, but it still had the feel of a game that the Oilers would steal away. That never came to pass either.

It really is a shame that Dwayne Roloson had to lose. He faced 58 shots, and was absolutely sensational, especially in the fourth frame, when he turned away 16 shots. On the other side of the rink, Manny "Emanuel" Legacy only faced 25 shots. If Edmonton wants to have any chance at all, they had better find a way to get more shots than that. They can't expect Roloson to carry the team like that.

It was a great game that was destined to end that way. It isn't fair, but nobody ever said the Stanley Cup playoffs were fair. Just ask the 1999 Buffalo Sabres. They'll tell you.

Then the Flames-Ducks game also went to overtime. What a great game that was! And Wings fans had to be at least a little happy that a former Wing, Darren McCarty got the game winner there.

I certainly hope the rest of the playoffs go the way those game ones went.

One question. Was it just me, or was the crowd in Detroit not dressed for the occasion? On most of the crowd shots I saw, there were people in standard issue pedestrian clothing. Not too many Wings sweaters to be seen. I don't get it.

Canes and Habs will drop at 7:00. Interestingly, it is the only series that has ZERO games scheduled to be broadcast on national tv. Still no love for the Canes.

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