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Monday, April 24, 2006

Hockey Night in Carolina Canes vs Habs Game 2

First off, I want to apologize for my post of late Saturday night. The title "...outlook bleak", and the overall attitude of it is more embarrassing to me than the 6-1 undressing I had just witnessed.

My head wasn't in the right place. My comments were fueled in part by frustration, in part by fatigue and in part by a post-drunk haze. That post wasn't the only bad idea I had that night. Fortunately, I didn't have any ideas that were dumb enough to get me into any trouble. Yet.

In the drunkenness that preceded the "post-drunk haze" my friends and I hatched a plan for tonight's game that sounded like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect is a horrible idea. I won't get into the specific details of it, but it involved:
  • A grudge still held against Montréal fans for the way they treated Kevin Weekes (and the specific items they threw at him) years ago when the Canes were visiting Molson Center.
  • Small soft toys resembling a certain amphibious creature.
  • "Crystal Ball" Huet, who is French. Not La Belle Province French, but France French.

Get it? Of course we're not going to go through with our plan. And the truth of it is, there isn't a Leafs chance in the Cup Final of us being able to succeed anyway. We're too close to the ice and the netting is too high. Damn the netting.

So we'll go to the game tonight and behave ourselves and root our boys on.

We should see a different look to the boys tonight. They'll make some adjustments and we'll see more pucks in the net.

According to everything I've read, Peter Laviolette is going to "dance with the one who brung him" tonight. Despite a lot of talk about slotting rookie Cam Ward into net tonight, he'll be sticking with Martin Gerber.

I read that Ray Whitney is ready to go. I don't know if the doctors have cleared him, but he wants to play tonight and says he's ready. That will be a good sight indeed.

Yesterday, every series went to 1-1. I'm confident that the Canes can do the same. I'm also confident that we can go up to Montréal on Wednesday and Friday to at least take a split there, which would restore "home ice".

Puck drop at 7:00.

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CasonBlog said...

Good to have you back off the ledge David...


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