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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The unintended benefits of the Doug Weight trade

A couple of weeks ago, I started to really geek out by drafting a post that broke down the rosters of all 30 NHL teams in terms of how many players' surnames would be valid plays in Scrabble.

Yeah, I know.

When I drafted the post, every team had at least one player who met the standard, except Pittsburgh. Since then, they have added Cory Cross to their roster. Players have gone down and come up since I wrote that, and it was WAY dorky in the first place, so I opted not to post it.

Also, when I wrote the draft, Carolina (with five) was second only to New Jersey (with six). Since then, Carolina has added Doug Weight.

Point being, Carolina now has six players whose surname would be a valid play in Scrabble:


Obviously, you wouldn't be able to play COMMODORE or STILLMAN without playing through some stuff already on the board.

Under an absolutely perfect set of circumstances, you could play COMMO__RE at 1A, 1O, A1, or A15 through an existing DO, for a bingo, hitting a triple-triple, with the second M on a double letter square. That play would be worth 221 points. But that's in a perfect set of circumstances.

For the record, my highest score on a single word was 212 for QUEUEING. One of the E was a blank, otherwise it would have also been 221.

Oh yeah. Then there's that whole thing about how none of you give a shit.

1 comment:

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

we give a shit.

Hey! You just found a way to make The Toronto Maple Leafs eligible as a word...

"Oh yeah. Then there's that whole thing about how none of you give a shit."

The word in question being...well shit!



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