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Thursday, February 16, 2006

a day full of surprises, so far

I've had the day off, and when I started watching Sweden-Russia, I heard the surprising news that Switzerland had defeated Czech Republic 3-2. Unfortunately, the Swiss didn't have Martin Gerber in goal with a chance to redeem himself. They were very happy with the play of David Aebischer, who stopped 40 of 42 Czech shots.

Finland continued their romp through pool A with a 6-0 pasting of Italy. They've yet to yield a goal, but their road will become much tougher when they face Czech Republic on Saturday.

Russia sort of dominated Sweden after a scoreless first period. It ended up 5-0, but loudmouth Ilya Kovalchuk was held pointless. They will face Kazahkstan on Saturday.

I started flicking back and forth between the Sweden-Russia game and the USA-Sweden Men's curling. It was a really good game, and USA ended up with an upset victory thanks to some great rocks by Pete Fenson in the ninth and tenth ends.

Actually, before the USA-Kazakhstan hockey game, I ought to be watching the Women's curling versus Sweden. Yes, I'll admit that part of the draw is that our team features the Johnson sisters, who are quite good looking. I'm upset that the Canadian team doesn't feature any of the girls I developed crushes on during last year's Tournament of Hearts.
Edit: That curling match isn't on TV. Alas...


doug said...

Ya, the Johnson sisters, you betcha.

Curling has been great fun to watch though (the women could stand to do a bit better though - are they in the games due to an upset victory in the trials?) - I think the match might be on later - 5 to 8 maybe?

Jeff J said...

When the curlers are that comely, it puts their screams of "Hard! HARDER!!" into a whole new perspective.

d-lee said...

Yes... I made that joke earlier today when I was explaining curling to some folks who don't get it.

Tough loss for the girls today against Russia.


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