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Thursday, February 02, 2006

more goofing around with words

After reading Ingmar Bergman Shoots and Scores, and with my previous post still fresh, I decided to go over to metagrams.com to use the phrase anagrammer to see what I could come up with for the Hurricanes players.

If you are into Scrabble at all, this site is invaluable, mainly for its anamonic stem builder. Also, the anagramming tool is pretty neat for stuff like this.

I plugged in the name of each Hurricanes player. Some of them came back with thousands of anagrammed phrases. Some came back with only a few. Almost all came back with something cool. Without further ado, these are some of my favorites.

Eric Staal ----- Raise talc
Erik Cole ----- Creek oil
Justin Williams ---- Sunlit jail swim
Rod Brind'Amour --- Did run barroom
Martin Gerber --- Big Ten marrer
Chad LaRose --- chased oral
Cory Stillman --- Crimson tally
Ray Whitney --- Wintery hay
Mike Commodore -- Mimed coke room
Josef Vasicek --- Jocks vie safe
Kevyn Adams -- Masked Navy
Craig Adams -- Dig mascara?
Oleg Tverdovsky -- Sky got revolved
Frantisek Kaberle -- Streakier bank elf
Anton Babchuk -- Bacon bank hut
Andrew Ladd -- Landed Ward
Bret Hedican -- Hid Cabernet
Doug Weight --- God! Huge wit.

What do we learn from this? Brindy used to be a bartender. Craig Adams is into wearing makeup. Andrew Ladd has something going with one of the Ward boys. Bret Hedican is a practical joker when it comes to your wine. Doug Weight is one funny dude. Chad LaRose likes to be pleasured. Cory Stillman likes to keep stats for the University of Alabama. ....

Try it out with the players on your team, or try your own name. It's lots of fun.

Caveat: if you don't have an account with metagrams.com, you'll have limited use of the site. It's free to sign up, though.


Bill Purdy said...

The "Internet Anagram Server" at Wordsmith.org also works well for this sort of thing, and does not require registration.

So you're saying Chad LaRose might just need to be traded to the Blackhawks, too?

AC said...

Hi, talking of anagrams, have you seen this site www.wineverygame.com

It is an excellent anagrammer and word builder also. Very useful for scrabble and other word games. And yes, it does not require any registration.


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