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Sunday, February 12, 2006

A little house cleaning.

I'll write something about Carolina's 4-3 shootout victory over the visiting Sabres. First, however, I did some house cleaning that's worth mentioning.

The "Andrew Hutchinson hot dog with cheese monitor" is gone. Hutch surpassed the eight points required for my reward of a really nasty looking hot dog with cheese. There's no point in taunting Jes any further.

I took down the poll about the Doug Weight trade. There were 24 total votes cast. 63% (15 votes) said that Carolina got the better deal; 25% (6 votes) said that Doug Weight got the better deal; and finally, 13% (3 votes) said that St. Louis got the better deal.

I have posted two new polls. One for who will win the Women's hockey gold, and one for who will win the Men's hockey gold.

A few minor changes to the blogroll.

I moved the link to my e-mail to the top of the sidebar. More than a couple of people have had difficulty getting in touch with me through the preferred e-mail address.

Please keep in mind, if you try to make a comment to the blog, I have employed the robot detector, so you'll have to jump through one hoop. Some comments from Sunday never made it through the filter, so you may need to try again.

As always, I'm open to suggestions for improving the page. Feel free to offer any tips or suggestions. Unless, of course, your suggestion is "start rooting for the Kings".

Speaking of Kings, if anyone wants to earn some cool points, there is a former Kings player in the photo on the masthead of this page. If you can name the player, name his claim to fame, and point out the connection that his claim to fame has to the Hurricanes, you'll get mega-cool points. If you really search the archives of this page, I've written about it before, but didn't specifically mention that he's in the photo.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to comment on the Sabres game. No really... you don't.

ARG! (my initials, and the sound I make when I think of the forementioned game)

gsdgsd13 said...

It's Esa Pirnes in the photo, right? And if so, he's the only other NHL player besides Cole to take penalty shots in consecutive games.

So, mega-cool points? Or way off?

Bill Purdy said...

As for your polls: the Canadians should win the mens' draw, but won't because of the Gretzky distraction. So my vote goes to Lavi and the US to pull and upset.

In chick hockey, it's all Canada, though.

d-lee said...

Dingdingding!!! And the winner is.... gsdgsd13. Good call on that.


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