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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The home stretch starts

Today, the McPaper had a pretty cool special section devoted to the NHL. It's chock full of good stuff, including report cards, a list of things to watch out for in the remainder of the season, and a cover story on my beloved Canes.

In other news, If Detroit wins its game tonight, the Penguins will be mathematically eliminated from contention for the President's Cup. Not that they're a contender, but it could become official tonight. Speaking of which, please note the "Who will win the President's Cup" poll I have set up in the sidebar. You can cast your vote once per week.


Bill Purdy said...

Nice coverage indeed, but I noticed in one of the secondary articles, the one about "Shootouts providing unexpected entertainment value" (at least in the edition I picked up here in a tiny cowboy town on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), our beloved Canes were referred to in the penultimate paragraph as the Carolina Panthers. Some things never change.

Bill Purdy said...

Oh, I also liked Kevin Allen's prediction we'd sign Jack Johnson in time for him to contribute to the playoff run. Solid.


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