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Friday, February 17, 2006

Rough day for USA Women

Today was a rough day for the USA women's teams in curling and hockey.

The hockey gals suffered a tough loss to Sweden. After taking a 2-0 lead, they let the game get away, eventually taking it to a shootout. They were then shut out in the shootout, and handed their first ever loss to any country not named "Canada". This means that the best they can do is bronze. This is a major disappointment, and quite frankly, a big shock.

The "curl girls" also suffered a setback today, losing a very tight match to the Russian team. The almost crushworthy¹ Cassie Johnson made a terrific throw on the last stone to force an extra end, but the Russians prevailed in the eleventh. The loss today makes it extremely unlikely that they will be able to medal. Not only would they have to win the remainder of their round robin games, but they would need some help as well.

Meanwhile, on the men's side, they continued to roll with a decisive victory over Switzerland. With three games remaining in the 9 game round-robin, the American team is tied for second place with four wins and two losses. They have a very good shot at a medal.

The men's hockey tournament took the day off. On Saturday, team USA will have a big test against the high-powered Slovakian National team. Puck drop is at 2:00 eastern.

¹ It should be noted that although Cassie is incredibly cute, and a good athlete, she chooses to listen to Korn. Thus, her value drops dramatically.

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Brushback said...

Yeah, Korn sucks.


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