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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wow. Just..... wow.

I can't imagine what's going on in Beantown right now.

On the off chance that you missed it.... Thornton to San Jose for Wayne Primeau, Brad Stuart and Marco Sturm. The hockey world is stunned. Fans in Boston must be livid.

The Bruins save something like $1.6M in the deal. Brad Stuart will bolster the defense nicely, and Sturm is a pretty good winger, but Primeau is a healthy extra at best. NONE of these guys is a top line player. That's why Boston is getting screwed.

The Bruins will lose one of the league's top scorers. More importantly, they will be losing their Captain. A guy who bleeds black and gold. That can't be replaced by two average players and a lousy one.

Boston was already in bad shape. Getting rid of Joe Thornton, though, is not the right answer. Not getting more out of it was just stupid.

Also, on the Bruins rumor treadmill: I read somewhere (NOT Eklund) that the Bs are interested in replacing coach Mike Sullivan with Paul Maurice. Another bad idea. I hope for the sake of Bruins fans that this rumor is unfounded. If you're wondering, Paul Maurice has been coaching the last place AHL Toronto Marlies since Carolina fired him midway through the 03-04 season. This would be an even worse idea than the Thornton trade.

I'm tired and very confused by this trade, so I'll apologize for the quality of this


Josh Crockett said...

XM Home Ice talked to Mo last night in drivetime and asked him about the B's rumor. He issued a pretty standard denial. But the host also pointed out that Mo's contract with the Leafs organization (which owns the Marlies) locks him down tight through the end of this season -- so if Boston wanted him, they'd probably have to work out a compensation deal with Toronto.

Mo isn't worth a player or a draft pick, not in the new high-speed game. Maybe he can adapt, but I wouldn't pay Toronto for the opportunity to try him out.

CasonBlog said...

I fear for the Bruins. Now they don't have the strength at forward to compensate for Tanage's turnovers....

CasonBlog said...



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