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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Carolina rolls over Ducks, K-Ad has another natural hat trick

On Tuesday night, the Canes earned their fifth point in four road games by defeating the Ducks6-2. There are still two more games on this super long road trip.
No full recap here, but it's worth mentioning that Kevyn Adams (photo from hurricanes.com) scored his fourth, fifth and sixth goals of the season. It was his second career hat trick, both this season. Also, they were both natural hat tricks, meaning that no other player for either team scored until he had three.
Also worth noting:
  • The Canes made the Ducks power play look silly. Anaheim had four power play chances, and only managed to get three shots off. They did not score any power play goals, but:
  • Carolina scored TWO shorthanded goals.
  • CrAdams had three assists. One on each of KAdams' goals
  • Brindy had three assists.
  • Staalsy had scored his 20th goal and got his 20th helper, putting him in fifth place in the league. The top four? Jagr, and Ottawa's "big" line. Alfredsson and Heatley have 41 apiece. Spezza and Jagr have 43 apiece.
  • Martin Gerber (aka "Marturs Gerbe") played brilliantly against his former team. The Canes, in fact, chased J-S Giguere. (edit -- The Canes scored three goals on 17 shots versus Giggy after chasing Bryzgalov midway in the second)

Up next for the Canes: a Thursday night tilt with the Kings. Too bad we don't have any frenchmen to kick Sean Avery's ass.


CasonBlog said...

The boys chased Bryzgalov and then scored a few vs. Giguere. IMHO, Kevyn deserves more ice time. He makes things happen defensively as well. Redhawks Rule!

Anonymous said...

Hey I just discovered this last night and it seems like a nice little page. I'm a huge fan who's currently away from home (and telecasts) for school, so bumming around for info on the internet seems to ease the pain a little (along with Chuck Kaiton's calls.) Just a response to the most recent post...reading "CrAdams" does't really roll off the tongue or brain so well. Since the Adams family has been playing together, my friend and I have been calling Kevyn "KAdams" and Craig "ChAdams." You might not like it, but it fits that he went to Harvard. I like Marturs Gerbe, though. Thanks for putting this all together, and GO CANES.


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