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Friday, December 02, 2005

Thank goodness for airbags

I was just involved in a car wreck in which my car was totaled. I am perfectly uninjured, thanks to the glory of inflatable restraints. My entire front end, windshield and all airbags are toast. The other driver failed to yield to me as she was turning left across traffic. Although her light was green, mine was also green. She did not have the green arrow, and thus should have yielded. She will be found at fault, and I will be driving something new(er) sometime in the near future. However, since it's the weekend, and I don't use one of those newfangled 24-hour insurance companies, I have to wait until Monday to file a claim. I also won't be able to get a loaner car until then. Who knows how long it'll be before I get a check from the insurance company.

The good thing, other than being uninjured, is that this happened at the very front end of a loooong Canes roadtrip. Certainly by the time we have another home game, I'll have something else to drive.

Tonight : The Canes start off their tour of the Pacific teams by visiting Dallas.


Brushback said...

Cripes, that's scary.

I was hit while I was on my way home from a Hartford Wolf Pack game about 3 weeks ago. Some guy from out of state in a pick up truck put it in reverse as we were sitting at a light, and backed into me. I think he was lost, wanted to make a u-turn, and forgot that I was behind him.

It was just a love tap, nothing serious. Put a hole in my bumper, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are ok! And you had better find a ride by 12/15...Canes games aren't much fun when you aren't there!



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